How to start an online store?

Start your online store - ecommerce website services in KanpurStarting an ecommerce website is easy, but building up a successful, well managed, feature rich and user-friendly online store takes some effort. There are hundreds of guides available over the internet which will explain you in steps to make an online store for your business even without knowing a single line of code or hiring someone who does. And if you clicked on this link with the hope to get one of those, you will be disappointed. That is because, here, I will only tell you what it takes, and what you need to build a successful online store that really sells. Plus, what all you need to do afterwards.

Name and logo of your online store

Creating an online shop requires you to craft a visual identity for your brand. You need a memorable logo that reflects your brand’s personality.

Domain and hosting for your online store

After you have finalized the name, it’s time to make it official. You need a matching domain name and a web space. You can easily get that from vendors like bigrock, namecheap, etc.

Pick the right platform for your online store

Though we always recommerce custom built websites, a WordPress + WooCommerce website is a great option to start with a small store. WordPress provides a very easy to use and user friendly dashboard to manage your products easily.

Products on your online store

Next, you need to decide and list down the products you want to sell on your website. Today, you can practically sell anything on internet. From vegetables to large size electronics, anything!

Product Description

Next, you need to write high quality and rich content for your products. Attractive and catchy titles with description of product features, size, color, and anything else that you can manage. Our Content Writing Services can help you with that.

Product Photographs

Next, you need a talented photographer who can take photos of what you plan on selling. Plus you need someone who can enhance your images to bring out the best in your products. You must always remain true to the actual product while also fixing things like lighting and coloring.

Payment Options

You need to add at least one payment option for people to be able to pay you. Cash on delivery always works, but if you need them to pay you instantly, add a payment gateway. PayPal is universal, while there are many available depending on your location.

Spread the Word

Now, with everything done and ready, all you need is to spread the work and get traffic to your website. Our SEO and SMO services can help you with that.